2022 Website Design Trends – How to increase your website traffic

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website design trends

Small business owners learned quickly in 2021 how to adapt to an ever-changing world. 

Websites played a vital role in informing customers about COVID protocols, supply chain issues, and changes in hours of operation. This article will break down the website design trends for 2022 and identify key website design elements for your small business to improve your conversion rate. 

The Keys for a Successful Website include:

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Create BIG Buttons

Local Search Engine Optimization

Personalized Content

2022 Website Design Trends

Mobile devices continue to become more powerful

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 55.5% of our searches are taking place on mobile phones.
  • 75% of uses will access the internet with a mobile device by 2025

It’s a dominance that will only grow. And that means keeping pace with mobile design trends is something businesses of every stripe and sector must do. Non-responsive websites, a/k/a not mobile friendly,  offer sub-standard mobile experiences will have customers bouncing away, like space hoppers, to competitors. And it’s a good bet these visitors won’t be hopping back to you any time soon. The reason being that you’re not keeping up with website design trends.

The good news is it’s not so tricky to deliver instead a site that attracts mobile traffic, delivers a knockout experience, and keeps visitors returning again and again.

What We Do

At Acorn Digital we follow website design trends by designing mobile-friendly websites in a responsive design layout. A responsive design means that the appearance of your website will change depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. The website displays as one vertical column on a mobile phone, whereas you can have two to three columns on a laptop or computer. Our design for Fish House Films demonstrates the appearance of a laptop design vs. a mobile design.

website design trends

Use Big Buttons

You can improve your website’s usability by including big buttons. Small buttons aren’t thumb-friendly, especially for users on small screens. The easiest way to improve user experience is to create big buttons on all your website’s versions. It will boost navigation and feature accessibility. In addition, you can also differentiate the buttons using colors. That will reduce the chances of users interacting with the wrong elements on your website. 

What We Do

We create your home page mock-up design during the website design process and include big buttons in the navigation bar. The big button is your call to action. If you provide services as we do, you want the viewer to contact you. If you own a restaurant, you want people to view the menu and make a reservation. Whatever your small business does, you want to initiate the viewer to the next step by creating a big button for your call to action.

Local SEO

The rise of “near Me” searches has grown 900% over the last few years. Most users now have location or GPS enabled on their mobile devices. GPS allows Google to automatically detect their current location and present the most relevant and localized search results to the user. 

Consumers love to search for local information because they want to support local small businesses. Voice-activated devices like Alexa add to the “near me” search trend.

What We Do

We make sure your address, map, telephone, and email information are easily visible on your website. You want to be sure all of this information is just one click away. We list your business on Google My Business and optimize it for an additional fee.

Our local SEO program ranks you higher for your geographical area. For example, Cape Cod search queries or if your business is in Barnstable we would rank you for Barnstable, MA search queries.

Personalized Content

Creating content that fits the customer’s interest, behavior and needs is an excellent way to leverage your website. It can help get stunning results and improve your business. Personalized websites are dynamic — using data about site visitors, such as demographics, firmographics, and previous interactions, to determine what content is most relevant to display and what specific experience to deliver. This tailoring helps establish a meaningful connection, a reason to stop and listen to what you have to say.

Done right, web personalization facilitates the path to conversion for the leads you most care about.

What We Do

When we sit down and get to know you and your business, we think about the best content for your ideal customer. We map out what we expect for a great users experience and develop your website to achieve that goal.

Conclusion: At Acorn Digital, a Cape Cod web design company, we incorporate these website design trends to deliver a mobile and local SEO friendly website . In short, we bring more customers to you through your website. To see if we are a good fit for your small business, please contact us. We have built over 450+ websites in our 21+ years of operation.

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