It started with a passion for all things web,
a bit of luck and an awful lot of hard work

My name is Eric Grossman and I love technology. That's why I formed Acorn Digital Marketing in 1999: I wanted to learn as much as I could about web design and digital marketing and to use those skills to create great websites for businesses. That's what I've been doing ever since—whether you're a restaurateur or in a non-profit setting like a public library, I can help your organization connect more fully with your customers and to attract new ones.

Web design has changed greatly since 1999—that's why I'm always learning. I make websites that not only work well on all devices, but that are search engine optimized (making them more likely to appear in online searches), that work together with your social media presence, and that are a joy for your customers to use.

As websites, the internet, and devices continue to change, I continue to study those changes and incorporate relevant trends into Acorn Digital Marketing's web development strategies.

Based out of Cape Cod, I have designed websites for many local organizations, including Cape Cod Village, Sturgis Library, and We Can Center, as well as global organizations like the Manuscripts Cookbooks Survey, a tool for librarians, researchers, and artists around the world.

When not on my laptop, you can find me out exploring Cape Cod, shellfishing with my recreational license or cooking homemade recipes like Oysters Rockefeller, baked stuff cherrystones, and homemade pasta and clams. You might even see me out on the water kayaking or enjoying my newest sport—sailing!