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About ACORN DIGITAL Marketing Agency

Nestled in the heart of Barnstable Village Acorn Digital Marketing Agency stands out as a boutique firm that offers a spectrum of digital solutions. Under the expert guidance of principal owner Eric Grossman and in collaboration with a proficient remote team, we specialize in web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, and enhancing Google Business Profiles.

Our track record spans over two decades, emphasizing our commitment to top-tier service, value-driven results, and competitive pricing. Join hands with Acorn, and let’s elevate your digital footprint together.

During the sun-soaked Cape Cod summers and crisp early fall, Eric can frequently be seen sailing his beloved beetle cat, Kiwi, across the serene waters of Bass River and Nantucket Sound. His affinity for the ocean extends to its rich offerings; he’s skilled in harvesting oysters and digging up the delectable steamers and littleneck clams.

As the Cape is enveloped in winter’s embrace, Eric’s enthusiasm doesn’t wane. Though he ardently supports the New England Patriots each season, even when the Superbowl prospects look bleak for 2023, his love for the team remains unwavering. During more relaxed moments, captivating films and series such as “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Yellowstone,” and the enchanting “Harry Potter” films capture his attention.

Eric’s dedication to Cape Cod is further highlighted by his service on the Board of Trustees for Parents Supporting Parents of Cape Cod. This noteworthy nonprofit aids individuals battling Substance Use Disorder and provides a lifeline to their families. From designing their website to leading fundraising initiatives, Eric’s contributions have been instrumental.

Having overcome personal challenges, Eric has cherished his sobriety since May 2017. With a heart full of empathy, he’s always ready to guide others navigating the path to recovery.

Eric is extremely responsive and helpful. He is knowledgeable and patient in building, creating, and maintaining websites for small businesses. Additionally, he offers many value-added recommendations along the way for continuous website improvement. He is quick to answer any questions - no matter how simple or complex - and provides clear and effective instruction for online success. Best of all, Eric is extremely affordable for the above-and-beyond service he provides. Highly recommend!
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We are a small boutique agency in Barnstable, MA. Eric Grossman, the principal owner, works with a remote team of talented individuals to deliver supercharged websites to small business owners.

Acorn digital marketing agency is a company that provides digital marketing services to small businesses. We have been in business for over 10 years and we have been able to grow our business successfully by providing quality service at affordable prices.

You can find Eric sailing or kayaking the waters of Cape Cod. He loves to harvest fresh oysters and dig for steamers or littleneck clams. Cooped up in the winter months, he will cheer on the New England Patriots for another Superbowl run, binge-watch some great movies, or stream his favorite shows – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Blacklist, or Harry Potter films.

Eric is on the Board of Trustees for Parents Supporting Parents of Cape Cod, a nonprofit group helping those afflicted by Substance Use Disorder and their Families. Giving back to the Cape Cod community, he volunteers his time updating their website and directs their fundraising efforts. Recognizing his addiction to alcohol, he has been sober since May 2017. He’s always available to help anybody with their path to recovery.

Your website is an extension of your small business and can be the first impression for potential customers. You want it to look great, direct customers to the information they want, answer their questions, and achieve top ranking on the search engines.


Are you embarrassed by the way your website looks?
Does your website have outdated information on it?
Do you have a hard time viewing your website on a mobile device?
Do you keep telling yourself, I’ll change that page next week?

Acorn Digital Marketing has 22 years of doing just that. If you’re looking for a professional for your small business at a reasonable cost, perhaps we can help.


Website Design

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money building your website, but the cash register isn’t ringing. We determine the problem and develop a plan to ring in more sales.

Finding a website designer who you can rely on consistently can be challenging. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with your previous website designer, and they didn’t understand your vision.

You’ve already got enough on your plate, and the last thing you need is to micro-manage your website designer. You’re looking for somebody you can communicate with and let them run with the task and deliver it to you on time.

As a small business owner, we understand you need to stretch your spending dollars. Perhaps you’ve been burned on a previous project? You want confirmation you’re getting a good value for the money you are spending on your website design. We’re transparent about our pricing, so there are no hidden fees or unexpected extra charges.

Website Design

There are so many ways to use digital marketing; it can get overwhelming quickly. We assess where you are, look at the best options, and create an action plan.

Qualified leads aren’t going to appear magically. You need to provide content on your website that builds trust and engages your viewers. We find that answering people’s questions honestly and before the sales are the best approach. We achieve this through content marketing.

We love working with limited budgets. We focus your marketing $$$ on specific projects with specific goals. This way, you can measure your results and target the right people for your products or services.

Who we work with

Who we work with