Can Facebook Page Replace a Website?

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When I hear “I use my facebook page for my website” I want to hide under a rock..Granted creating a Facebook business page is free and provides you with access to a user base to cover your customer base. However, you are limited with a Facebook business page and here is why.

Problem #1 – you need to invest a lot of time to keep your visitors engaged or you’ll loose them.

It’s an excellent way to engage with your user base. After a few weeks the user will pass up viewing your posts or scroll right by them.

Problem # 2 – a Facebook business page is a lack of brand control

Your posts have your voice and the photos show off who you are and the services you provide. You will never give the complete brand experience that a dedicated website will. Valuable information isn’t always readily available right when a user lands on the page.

But there is hope, and here are some solutions.

Solution # 1- a dedicated website enables you to completely control your brand.

It acts as a main hub on the web where interested, potential customers can go for all the information they’re looking for.

Solution # 2 A website also has Google search on its side.

A website enables you to tailor your content to the exact kind of phrases and keywords your potential customers are searching for, compared to a Facebook page that is limited in this aspect. Showing up as highly as possible in online searches is a critical component of any business’ acquisition strategy.




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