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How Much Does A Small Business Website Cost To Build?

how much does a small business website cost to build

When I’m asked this question right off the bat in a conversation with a prospective client, “how much is the website design going to cost me?”, I cringe because a little bell goes off in my head. Is this person placing too much weight on the price instead of looking at the true value of […]

Pro vs DIY Website Design

One of the first questions those who want a website for the first time is, “should I hire a professional or DIY my website design?” It’s a valid question, and it’s one that prevents some people from ever taking action at all. Professional website design is costly, but DIYing your website is costly in time, […]

How Does Facebook Pixel Work?

Although Facebook has gotten a bad wrap for not protecting your privacy, it has mastered how to provide businesses with significant data. The Social Network is always evolving, learning more about its users and what makes them react to marketing messages. They have created a variety of awesome tools, but one of the most useful […]

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

  Choosing a domain name is like choosing a name for your child. It requires a lengthy thought and consideration process. It should be something that represents your worldview, your goals for their future, as well as be a name that is easy to understand and won’t bring ridicule or confusion to your offspring. The […]

5 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover

A brilliant website should take your visitors on a beautiful journey, especially when they are interacting with your brand for the first time.If your website is appealing, it will make them feel positive about the quality of your services and they are more likely to trust your brand.If you haven’t redesigned your website recently, we […]

Voice Search SEO

An increasing trend in the mobile world is voice searches. In 2016, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced during the Google I/O keynote that about 20% of queries were voice searches, and since then, that number has increased, especially with the development of digital personal assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and others. The number of […]

Cape Cod Web Design vs Facebook Page

  We often hear “I use my facebook page for my website” during our consultations. Granted creating a Facebook business page is free and provides you with access to a user base to cover your customer base. However, you are limited with a Facebook business page. Problem #1 – you need to invest a lot […]