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Cape Cod Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving and expanding field that can help businesses of all sizes to reach new customers, increase web traffic and brand awareness, and grow their bottom line.
There are several different marketing services businesses in Cape Cod can benefit from, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the most popular digital marketing services by acorn digital marketing in Cape Cod.

Why do you need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a process by which organizations can connect with their customers through digital technologies. The goal of digital marketing is to create a relationship with the customer that leads to the sale of the product or service. Digital marketing is an integral part of a company’s overall marketing strategy.
There are many reasons why companies need digital marketing. Digital marketing can help companies connect with customers on an individual level. It can also help companies connect with customers on a broader level.

At Acorn Digital Marketing, we’ve been creating digital marketing strategies for small business owners on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Sandwich, Barnstable, Dennis, Yarmouth, Harwich, and Orleans. Below is a summary of what our services include and how we work with you to create an effective digital marketing campaign.

Website Design and Development Sevices


Email marketing offers you the best bang for your digital marketing buck. It’s one of the most effective communications tools to connect with your customers. We create a compelling offer on your website to join your email list, an attractive email template design for your communications, and a promotional program for your loyal customers. We customize an email calendar and set up your email marketing campaign. We are a Constant Contact Partner.


Content marketing will work well for you if you rely on your website to bring in business. We’ve discovered that creating blog posts and articles that answer your customer’s questions is the most effective use of content marketing. You gain customers’ trust, show authority in your field, and drive more customers to your website. We create a branded learning center and or a blog on your website.

Then we teach you how to find popular keywords search engines like for your business and show you how to post articles to WordPress. If you don’t have the time, you can leave it to our professional writers to create the articles for you.


As a small business owner, you can use social media platforms to connect with your audience, build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. However, it can be a confusing, frustrating, and ineffective use of time and money if you’re not using these platforms correctly. We use analytical tools to measure your social media success.

We look at where you are, where you want to go, and create a path to get you there. We customize your social media channels, set up a social media calendar, and provide you with insider marketing tips. You can run the campaigns or hire us to do it for you.


Search engine optimization is an essential part of your digital marketing program. Our strategy places your website in front of your customers on the search engines.

We analyze which keywords perform best for your business, look at your competitors, and then strategically add keywords throughout your website to reach your target audience.


We fine-tune our process as technology, trends, as digital marketing changes. We design a strategy with the best tools available for your business or organization. Here is the short version of our process.



We will look at your website activity and see how many visitors visit your website, where they are coming from, what pages they are going to, whether they are staying on your website or leaving, how they are finding your website, and the location of your visitors (are they local or distant). All of this information helps us to determine if your website activity is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same plus, it tells us what is working and where improvements need to be made. 




 After reviewing your website activity, we take a closer look at your website to see how the website engages with the visitor, what call to action ( an instruction to the visitor designed to provoke an immediate response, like “call now”) you have, and if your content answers peoples questions about your products or services. Then we look at your search engine ranking, how well your website is optimized for search engines and load speed, and the keywords you use. Are they what people use, and can you achieve a high ranking with your keywords?




 We gather all the information from steps 1 and 2 and put them into a visual report for you. We show you where the problems are occurring on your website and provide you with solutions and a plan to reach them. 



Here is where all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. We roll out improvements on your website and digital marketing channels based on our digital marketing report. For example, we will create clearly defined calls to action and specific ways for people to engage with your social media channel.




Within a few weeks, you will see an increase in conversion on your website and digital marketing program to achieve maximum efficiency.