Do I Need Tech Skills To Build A Wix Website?

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Are you thinking of building a website for your small business? You might have heard from your friends and colleagues how easy it was to build their own Wix website, but perhaps you’re unsure if you have the techy and other skills. If you’re on the fence, this article explains what you will need, and then you can decide if a Wix website is right for you or if you should hire a professional website designer. Just like a doctor needs to learn specific skills to perform surgery, to build your website, you will need to know to be organized, creative, and have some technical savvy.

Why do I need to be organized?

You need to know what information will go where on your website. For example, it’s good to add your phone number, physical address, and contact information at the bottom of every website page – we refer to this as the footer. It’s also essential to have the content on your website be in logical places people will look for information. You don’t want somebody to visit your website, guessing where to find things. If that happens, odds are the visitor will hit the back button and view your competitor’s website..

Why do I need to be creative?

There are over 500 fully customizable website templates to choose from with Wix, but if you drill down to your industry there are only a handful. Each design is used on average 240,000 times because there are over 120 million Wix registered users. Some designs are more popular than others, but the numbers tell you this – a lot of business owners are using the same template you picked. You need to be creative to stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, not all of your competitors are using Wix templates.  You can perform a simple google search of your competitors to see how their websites are built. Just by looking at the design, you can tell if one of your competitors has the same one you are using. If so, you’ll need to be creative with your design or pick another one.

Regardless of the number of users with your design, there will be some times when you’ll need a specific image that isn’t in the Wix library. If you can’t create the graphic yourself, you’ll hire a graphic designer. If you hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork, you’ll need to provide them with specific instructions about what you want; otherwise, the design won’t be to your satisfaction.

Why do I need technical skills?

For your website to function correctly, you need to know how to configure certain things. For example, if you have a contact form, you’ll need to ensure you receive the information your visitor enters or have it stored securely somewhere on your website. Most DIY builders remove the confusion for you, and they provide support if you get stuck. However, you will spend additional time if you run into problems. Your first instinct will be to solve it yourself. That is half the fun – leaning on the job. Consider the amount of time you will need to resolve the problem versus contacting support or hiring somebody to fix it.

Degree of difficulty for a brochure website

A brochure website is an online version of a printed brochure. It showcases your company’s information, your history, your products and services, and how to get in touch with you. Wix and Go Daddy make it very easy to create a brochure website, and both of them have a broad selection of designs.

Organizational Skill Level Required – Average

If you can gather your company information, then you are all set. It would be beneficial to create a document with all of the information so you can refer to it when you are building your website pages rather than hunting around when you are ready to input your details.

Creativity Skill Level – Below Average

With a pre-designed template, you don’t need to be creative because the design is already created for you. This is why Wix and Go Daddy are so popular with small business owners. As long as you don’t stray away from the look/feel of the template you will be okay.

Technical Skill Level – Average

If you know how to copy and paste, then you can put all your information into a document and then you can copy it in your template design. If you don’t know how to copy and paste from a Word Document, click here for step by step instructions or watch a video on youtube.

Overall, an average or below average skill level is needed to build a website with Wix, Go Daddy, or a similar type of online website builder.

Degree of difficulty for a lead generation website

In addition to the typical website brochure, this type of website includes a blog section and or a learning center. Plus, you will need some contact forms and perhaps an informational guide for people to download so you can capture lead information. To find out which one is best for your small business, read my blog article where I discuss the pros and cons of each one.

Wix does have a blog section you can add to your website, and there are premade templates that go with the theme you selected for your website. It is not pre-built into your brochure website, so you’ll need to search around to find it, add it to your navigation bar, and configure it properly. The same is true for adding a lead generation form and a downloadable file.

Organizational Skill Level Required – Above Average

It is good practice to plan out how often you will create a new blog post and what content will be in your blog articles. You’ll need to have time to plan and organize your content, especially if you are adding new content every couple of weeks. Although the lead magnet is a one-time event, you will need to decide what the content should be and have a digital marketing plan in place to attract people to your lead magnet.

Creativity Skill Level – Above Average

The blog section in Wix comes with a standard set of blog templates. Just like the issue with the brochure website, you might want to create something unique, so your blog section is different from other Wix users. You will also need some graphic skills to come up with an attractive template for your blog posts as well as your lead magnet.

Technical Skill Level – Above Average

Configuring a blog in Wix gets a bit complicated because it is not pre-built into the design you pick. There is a bit of a learning curve, but Wix does offer some nice video tutorials. The same is true with setting up your lead magnet.

Now that you know what it takes to build the right type of website for your small business, do you have the right stuff? If you feel this might be a bit more beyond your skills or if you don’t have the time to learn and create your website, then I would recommend hiring a professional website designer in Cape Cod. If you’re looking for a price for your project, please view my pricing page or contact me for a custom quote.

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