Holiday Email Marketing Tips

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Know Your Holidays

The most important holiday season runs from early November to early January, a two-month promotional window that fuels profits for the whole year.

Segment Your List

There’s no point in marketing to the wrong people. That’s why one of the best things you can do to improve your holiday email marketing is to segment your list. Email list segmentation allows you to send more relevant and targeted emails to people who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Create Holiday-Themed Campaigns

Many websites change colors and themes to signal the holiday season. You can do the same with holiday email marketing campaigns. Let’s face it; if your emails always look the same, your subscribers will soon get bored.

Switch things up with some holiday email templates, and and you’ll get much more attention for your marketing campaigns.

Create a Holiday Gift Guide

You can create your own holiday gift guide by creating a new page or blog post on your website that showcases relevant products.

Include different sections in your guide, so your subscribers can easily find the things that interest them most. For example, some guides divide their featured products:

  • By gender, showcasing gifts for men and gifts for women
  • By age, such as gifts for kids
  • By price
  • By interests, such as gifts for gadget lovers or dog owners

If you know your buyer personas, it’ll be easy to decide on how to segment your products or services.

Launch Exclusive Holiday Sales

If you’re looking to wow your subscribers with holiday email marketing, try offering exclusive offers for those who are already on your list.

Not only is it good to get something for nothing, but being an insider makes your subscribers feel great. In fact, offering discounts can help you make more sales.

Use Urgency

Using urgency is a great way to boost sales with your holiday email marketing campaign. A time-limited holiday offer encourages visitors to take action now because nobody likes to miss out.

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