How to Increase Donations with Facebook Birthdays

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How to Increase Donations with Facebook Birthdays

facebook fundraiserAs you scroll through your Facebook feed you’ll probably notice more of your friends are hosting birthday fundraisers. Since it’s your friend, your more likely to make a donation to support your friend’s cause than if you saw a FB ad for the same non profit. As of last August Facebook Birthday Fundraisers have raised over $300 million dollars – nice job Mark Z! Has your non profit  received some of these donations? If not, it’s time to setup a strategy to get your donors to setup fundraisers for your organization. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Become an approved non profit on Facebook

In order to collect donations of Facebook, your charitable organization must have a verified and reviewed Facebook Page that is categorized as either “Nonprofit Organization” or “Charity Organization.” You must also complete an application to set up your donations account. Here is a link to the Facebook sign up page –

2. Notify your donors about your organization’s Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Record your donors birthdays either through your database or email marketing program like Constant Contact.  Automate some email campaigns to wish your donor a happy birthday, remind them how generous they have been to your organization, and inform them your organization is a verified Facebook non profit and can receive donations through the Birthday Fundraiser. You can also offer your donors suggest wording about your mission and what the money from the donations will be used for.

3. Run Facebook Ads

Did you know that you can setup an ad based on upcoming birthdays? Facebook collects a lot of information on its users (way too much information in my opinion) and a big one is the user’s birthday. You can then setup an ad based on life events through detailed targeting. Select demographics > life events > birthday. You can also target friends with birthdays!

If you put these three steps to work, you will see a nice addition to your fundraising efforts when you run your financial reports next year. If you don’t have the time to set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, we are available to help you with this project.

4. Add your FB Birthday Promo to your website

Now that you have put in all the time and energy into birthday promos, bue sure to add it to your non-profit web site as well as your other social media channels and off line campaigns.

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