Barbara Currier

Barbara Currier Real Estate

Barbara Currier Real Estate

Barbara Currier has been a top real estate broker based in Cambridge for more than 30 years

The brief

With more than three decades of experience, Barbara Currier is a well-known real estate broker that serves Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Her team asked us to integrate her MLS real estate feed into their website—all while maintaining a sleek look and feel. The biggest challenge was speed—we were tasked with achieving her design vision and migrating her website with minimal downtime for her team and clients.

Our solution

In order to achieve the goal of an easy migration, we conducted a lot of research and decided to move her cookie-cutter, templated website into WordPress using a local, reputable, and mobile friendly MLS IDX provider. We needed to customize the MLS IDX to fit naturally into the website, as well as to import client and prospect information. Not only were Barbara and her team happy with the end result, but now they can maintain the website on their own through the WordPress CMS program.