J Miller Pictureframer

J Miller Pictureframer

J Miller Pictureframer

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The brief

The business owner is a fan of technology and an experienced marketer who needed a crisp clean look and feel site remodeling. The previous website had too many irrelevant pages and was not mobile friendly. The new site needed to have content change flexibility, be customer-centric philosopy, and SEO friendly.

Our solution

We had our work cut out for us on this project to portray the creative competence of this 21-year-old Cape Cod business. After consulting with the business owner we decided to focus on primary differentiating services, enhance the visuals and navigation functions, and streamline the copy. The result was a very simple site that is easy to find information and is SEO friendly.

“The products and services my business provides make highly visual and personal statements. So it mattered to me that my website reflect the inspiration and attention to detail that we are known for on Cape Cod and beyond. Eric at Acorn Digital Marketing was able to expertly convey the creativity and quality of what we do for our customers in a steamlined and concise on-line format that is inviting and illustrative of what we do. Not only is the site clean and friendly, but it ranks prominently in search results. Very pleased!"

John Miller, Owner