Website Design Pricing

“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.”

― Paulo Coelho, Aleph

How much do we charge for a website?

That is the #1 question people ask us when they are web designer shopping. We are always transparent about our pricing so that is why we will send you a written quote with all the details. The details will include exactly what we will do in non-techy terms you understand, which WordPress plugins we recommend to purchase for your website, and which WordPress Care Packages we recommend. We also will outline the details of the work we will provide, what you are responsible for, a delivery schedule of when to expect what when, and our payment terms.

All Website Quotes Are NOT Created Equal

Just like picking a car, there are all types of web designers out there and very few web designers give you CLEAR pricing information, but we do! Some give you a low ball price and then hide the "add ons.", some don't deliver a quality product and just cut and paste the content you give them into an existing website template, and some are your cousin's boyfriend who is just starting out and will give you a "super deal'". You know the old saying, "you get what you pay for" and that is sooo true when it comes to website design pricing.

Our Starter Package is $900

Here is what included in our starter package which will give you the minimum to be successful online.

Five Page Custom Website Design

Your website will be built on the WordPress platform with the "Hello" theme and Elementor Plugin for design elements.

Fully Responsive Design

We ensure your website functions properly and looks good on all devices and screen sizes.

Content Management

Your custom built content management system will enable you to easily edit and manage your website.

Search-Engine Friendly

We develop your website to ensure it can easily be found via search engines such as Google.

Fast Load Speeds

We optimize your website to load quickly so your users won't have to wait.

Google Analytics

We connect your website to Google Analytics so you can track website traffic and user behavior.

Optimized Security

We optimize your website to minimize vulnerabilities and to protect your users' information.


We'll also walk you and your team through the website's content management system.