Struggling with Your Nonprofit Home Page? Here’s How to Make it Work!

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Human beings are built to size things up pretty quickly. Your website’s home page is the main entry point into your nonprofit’s organization. Therefore, think carefully about your website’s first impression.

What information do you want them to see right away, and how do you want them to see it?

The best nonprofit website designs incorporate a simplistic design. When visitors see a webpage with a pleasing, simple design and an easy-to-read layout, they’re more likely to stay and absorb the information presented.

Naturally, most people read left to right, so a website that follows this pattern will be easier to read. Below is an example of a barebones wireframe desktop and tablet devices for the F-Layout by Web Designer Brandon Jones. As you can see, the first thing someone might read is at the top left of the page (1), followed by the top right of the page (2), then their eyes will go down to (3) and read across to (4). Website designers refer to this area as Above The Fold.

f layout nonprofit website

Optimize Above The Fold

The newspaper industry quickly worked out to garner an audience; they must present attention-grabbing headlines, content, and imagery on the top half of the page. This fundamental principle remains the same for digital content. Of course, websites do not have a physical fold like newspapers, the fold in this regard relates to the scrollbar.

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Content Above The Fold

  1. Your nonprofit organization’s logo
  2. Your navigation bar highlighting your donate page or most crucial page
  3. Your main call to action/mission statement
  4. A strong graphic/video representation of what your organization is all about

Content Below The Fold

  1. Current News – let your donors/members know what’s happening today
  2. Upcoming Events – list your fundraising events, programs for your members, etc.
  3. Features Stories – social proof of the impact your organization is making
  4. Services/Programs your NPO offers – necessary for people unfamiliar with your NPO

By now, you have a good sense of what information and where put it on your home page. If you build a dynamic and engaging home page, people will dig deeper into your website for more information and become more engaged. Home page content for your nonprofit is an essential and challenging hurdle to overcome in developing your website. If you’re struggling with the content for your home page, let your very own local web designer at Cape Cod, help you out. Let’s chat!

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