Why We’re Increasing our Website Maintenance Service Prices

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You may have noticed that many businesses have increased their website maintenance prices over the past 12-18 months. With everything going on in the world it’s no wonder why. With the pandemic and inflation here in the US and around the world, the cost of materials and labour have shot through the roof.

However, our story is a little different. Due to everything going on we have deliberately kept our website maintenance prices lower during this time. We understand times are hard and we’ve done our best to keep our services affordable.

But the time has now come to update our website maintenance prices. In this article we’re  going to break down what is changing and why.

How much will we charge for website maintenance services?

The current price for our web hosting/maintenance starts at $44.95/month paid annually.

The new pricing structure will start at $54.95 for our website hosting/ssl certificate/ and website maintenance services.

That’s a 22% increase from our current prices. Now, that may sound like a lot but below I’ve broken down the main reasons we’ve increased our prices. We want to be as transparent with you as possible, and explain why this is.

website maintenance service

We’re investing heavily in the latest server system

Acorn Digital now operates on Google Cloud to create a powerful and technically superior hosting service.

SSD persistence storage – Distributed storage running on SSD disks for an optimal speed and a high-level of redundancy.

Ultra fast network – Google is known for maintaining one of the fastest and best connected networks.

100% renewable energy match – Google matches 100% the energy consumed by their operations with renewable energy.

Security-first mindset – Constant security monitoring and prevention is our standard

We’re including the cost of the SSL certificate with the service

Previously you’ve had the option to purchase an SSL certificate for your website. In today’s world security is essential and with software vulnerabilities, we’ve decided an SSL certificate is essential for all of our websites we maintain. For an additional fee, you can purchase an advanced SSL to enhance your website’s security measures.

We’re including 1/2 hour of website updates

Each month we’ll spend up to 1/2 hour per month updating the content on your website at no charge. We know you’re too busy running your small business and you might not have the time to update your website. This is great for restaurants, tourist attractions, and other businesses that need to have monthly content updates. 

We’re including an Elementor Pro License

Elementor Pro is the most advanced website builder plugin for WordPress, allowing you to visually design forms, posts, WooCommerce, slides and more. A licensee copy insures your website receives the latest updates and security patches.

When will our web hosting and website maintenance services prices increase?

The price will increase to $54.95/month (based on annual invoicing) on November 1, 2021 and we’ll never charge this again.

This means that if you have been on the fence about working with us, now is the time to get in touch.

Why are we justifying our price increase?

It would have been far easier for us to (silently) update our prices without writing an article about it so why did we feel it’s necessary to do this?

The honest answer is transparency. We’ve always been transparent and upfront about our pricing. It’s not easy for business owners to increase their prices and it’s not fun for customers to pay more than they have done before.

We wanted to explain exactly why we have to change things. We’re not raising our prices ‘just because’, we’re raising them for valid reasons. And all those reasons actually benefit you, the customer.

Our hope is that you continue to work with us and our transparency builds a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

How to work with us for cheaper

We won’t be increasing our prices until November 1, 2021. This means if you sign up now you’ll be saving 22%. As your trusted and local Cape Cod web design company, we look forward to your business. 

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